Star wars Blu ray rip plays double speed

I’ve ripped all three star wars episodes- iv -vi using DVD fab.

It creates two .m2ts files one 770 MB which seems to be the opening credits and one 37 GB for the rest of the movie.

The problem I have is when the trasition from one file to another takes place it plays at double speed. If I start playing by Fast forwarding to the second file it plays ok.

I have various other Blu rays ripped the same way that play ok.

I’ve tried the latest firmrae 2.08.13 and the previous 2.07.17 and the problem is there with both.

I’d appreciate any help.

Sorry to not have an answer why this is not working but,

When making up your .m2ts use TSMuxer, you just select the correct playlist and it will then create the .m2ts or .ts as just one file. As in, the way it would play in a Bluray player.


I’ll try that.