Standby mode

I just learned from another post that the SMP has a standby mode. Searching the manual gives two references to it. Power light is off when in standby or off. Library setting to compile while in standby. Alittle vague I think. Until now I thought the unit was off and was concerned about how much heat it still put out. Now I see it turns on quicker from standby. After being off, or unplugged, the unit comes on then reboots and finally becomes ready. The Live Hub manual talks about standby mode so it can stream to other units. SMP manual should also say more.

Are you saying that you did not know that the player had standby?

It actually has two standby modes. The first is a short press of the remote off which turns off the player but allows you to access any attached drive. The second is where you press the remote off for about 5 seconds, this puts the player into a deep standby where basically only the remote receiver is powered is up. Then it comes out of this deep standby you get the longer double bootup screens with the no signal in between.

The short press standby consumes a degree of power which allows it to boot up fast. The long press standby consumes a very small amount of power but takes longer to boot up. If you are concerned about power useage when make sure you press the remote off for about 5 seconds.

From the manual regarding the remote power button.

POWER  Suspends the device into sleep mode and turns off video output. Press and hold the power button for five seconds to completely shut down the media player

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That’s what I had just found out from another post about wifi still being connected. Manual doesn’t say much. I had noticed longer startup after unplugging it. It really should have another indicator when on, off or standby.

The point is that it is never really off, its just in different types of standby. If it were actually totally off then you could never power it back up from the remote.

Why I have my TV’s on a power strip that cuts off power to all devices once the TV is off. If you live in an area like Florida with all the lightning strikes and spikes it’s cheaper than replacing battery backups every couple years.

Thought of power strip especially one of the new green ones that have a remote. Is it bad for the SMP to cut the power when it’s not completely off? While in standby or on but not doing anything?

I’ve had mine for quite a long time. I own two of them. Roku 3 stays on all the time as well. My TV’s with built in guides usually while powered off download guide info while in this state but I’m using OTA atm as I only have internet.