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I want to buy a My CLoud ex4 but I wonder a few things.

I want to buy the housing without hard disks because i have a few HDD’s here at home.

Is it possible to put only 2 or 3 discs in the bay to start with ?

Can you place drives of different sizes in the ex4 or should it all be drives of the same size like 4x2tb, 4x3tb etc…
For example; can you place one drive of 3tb and 3 drives of 2tb in the ex4 ?

And finally a last question;

Must the hdd been formatted when you put it in the bay or does the device it self ?

Thanks for the help :smiley:

You can indeed put only a few HDD in at a time and also put different configuration’s (1Tb + 2.5TB + 1.5TB would get you 5TB system) The HDD do not need to be formatted from my understanding cause you will be able to format them within the dashboard application. However, WD does have a list of supported HDD that will work with the EX4. Now, if it will work with others that are not on the list thats is a question for someone to answer as I purchased mine already configured with 16TB

You should be able to see the HDD that will work with the EX4

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Thanks for your quick and clear answer.

I have here a wd red of 3 Tb and a green one of 2Tb, that’s why i aked it.

I can already start with this two.

Yeah np. U might be able to even score a 20-25 percent off coupon from wd. Was one of the reasons I ended up just buying the 16tb instead of building up to it. In the end with the coupon it was cheaper as a whole

I would advise against this method.  

I ( like you ) tried to buy it diskless and add in my own matched harddrives before realizing it only supports certain drives.  It bit me in the butt big time.

I had to go back and buy all RED drives to make it work correctly.

From what  you describing mixed HDD sizes and specs I don’t believe you will benefit from any RAID configurations only JBOD.  

Coupled that along well documented ■■■■ poor performance of this device I think your money would be much better spent getting a Drobo 5N network device.  It would also give you unmatched capability for your mixed drives. 


-Shawn G

Thanks for the advice.

I gonna take a look at the Drobo also.