Staggered spinup - PM2

Hello to you all, that’s my first message on this forum.

Hope to find solutions and contribute to community.

Here the matter of this message.

i have the following WD Hard disks:




All them for setting up a file server:

OS -  ubuntu server 12.04

Controller  - Highpoint 2720SGL (now connecting my hard disks) and 2680SGL - all fine installed in OS.

Mobo -  Supermicro PDSME+

My intention is to setup a software raid5, and with 8 devices it’s usefull a Staggered spinup/PM2  (supported by controllers in their bios) to reduce current absorption at system startup.

There is a pdf guide for jumper pins on WD disks:

but in a note it’s written: “Note: The PM2 feature is not available on all WD SATA drives”

ok, but which one ?

Where is a list of hard disks supporting the PM2 ? Are my models ?

My test impressions:

WD5000AAKS - support

WD5000AAKX - no

but not sure.

An official note/list would be appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your experiences/informations.


…nobody interested in this matter ?

It sound really strange: so many people talking about raid and controllers, but no one asked him/her self which HD supports PM2, from the note in HD jumpers settings…

Adding 6-7 HDs on a system it became essential do not start up all them togheter…

Thank you

FYI, I have an WD5000AAVS drive that has a PM2 jumper, but it always spins up regardless of the jumper setting.

There is an alternative way to program a drive to Power Up In Standby (PUIS), and that is via an ATA Set Features PUIS subcommand.

You could use HDAT2 to set the PUIS flag:

Be aware that some WD models have a firmware bug that prevents the PUIS flag from being reset with the same ATA command. The drive still spins up under software control, though, so your data will be safe.

See the following thread for more information:

Hello fzabkar,

thanks for your suggestions and links.

I’ll go to take a deep look later, but it’s really strange, there is no list of WD that support PM2.

I mean, WD give just a note, but no list, no link, no more informations.

I’m lead to suppose different firmwares on same HD model (eg. WD5000AAKX), support and not support PM2 jumpers mode.

Could WD give an answer ?

I wrote them…no answer till now.

I’m a bit disappointed.

Hello You All,

continue looking for an answer in this forum, but it seems WD lacks a clear answer and users try themselves a solution.

This is not professional form WD.

As mentioned above, in the PIN details .pdf, WD do not specify a list of HARD DISK supporting PM2 by their jumpers.

I asked to WD a list, but no answer yet.

Reading problmes in reverting to normal spinup, I prefer do not try something different than a PM2 3-4 jumper.

Ok, WD says desktop HD are not made for enterprise RAID, but a software raid is different and they could specify something more about HD supportind PM2  PINs.

As described above my interest is to a software raid 5, under Ubuntu Server 12.04.

PM2 pin setting on HD, is intended only to reduce power absorption at startup.

I use Highpoint controllers only because of their 8 port each to connect HDs.

Then Ubuntu will do the job.

I’d like to find a list od WD HD supporting PM2.

I read it depends by the firmware, that is to say , by serial number or model.

Here my WD HD models…maybe we could make a forum list for HD supporting PM2 jumper.

Do you agree ?

…an official  WD answer and list would be more professional and appreciated.

My drives:

4x  MDL    WD5000AAKX-60U6AA0   

1x  MDL    WD20EARX-00MMMB0   

1x   MDL    WD20EARX-00PASB0   

1x    MDL    WD5000AAKS-00YGA0   

1x    MDL    WD5000AAKS-22A7B0   

Thanks for help