Stacki Ace: an open-source bare-metal installer for Raspberry Pis

We’ve ported Stacki, our bare-metal x86_64 server installer, to support Raspberry Pis.

The source code and documentation on how to get started can be found at

Additional info can be found here:

Potential Use Cases:

  • You have a cluster of Raspberry Pis and you need an easy way to get their software stacks configured, their network configured and their storage configured.

  • You want to consistently deploy a clustered solution on your Raspberry Pis, for example, distributed storage (e.g., Ceph), container solution (e.g., Kubernetes), parallel programming workload (e.g., MPICH), etc.

  • You want to easily customize the entire software stack for your Raspberry Pi.

  • You need a easy way to support your “Internet of Things” project.

  • You want to install and configure traditional x86_64 servers with a low-cost device.


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As above said, deploying the clustered solution on your Raspberry Pis, Kubernetes Container Solution is a very good example.

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