Ssh server

Hi all,

I’m quite new to all this, and I’m havng some trouble with the following:

I would like to create an dropbox-like environment with my MBL 2TB, so I can work with several people on the same project and the cloud storage being on my WBL. I found a program called Sparkleshare which should do the trick, but it can only be connecte to a server through  ssh:/[user@]hostname[:port] and that doesn’t seem to work. When i type it in in the browser, it goes straight to google, saying nothing like that can be found. I tried several options for users eg. I have enabled SSH for the MBL. Should I enter the user from SSH, MBL users or the user of the router? And how to type it in? With or without the brackets, with or without password (like ftp)? Or are there other steps I have to take before MBL can act as a SSH server? Alternatively, when someone has an easier idea about how to accomplish the goal, I would like to hear them as well.

Many thanks in advance! 

february_star6 wrote:

it can only be connecte to a server through  ssh:/[user@]hostname[:port] and that doesn’t seem to work. When i type it in in the browser, it goes straight to google

First things first.  You will need to have an SSH client installed on each PC that adds a URL handler to the browser you’re going to use.

Most people for SSH recommend Putty because it’s small and lean, but AFAIK, it doesn’t install a URL handler for SSH.

Thanks for your swift reply.

I have used putty and it does connect through SSH when I use remote IP address and the SSH-root username and password from the MBL, but not with my ‘regular’ WD users… I just now installed FileZilla, which supposedly is able to handle SSH as well… What would be teh next step?

If you want to login via SSH with regular users, you need to do the following:

  • Create users and set permissions, passwords. (MBL’s dashboard)

  • Allow users to SSH (Command line, sshd_config, linux)

  • Set user’s home dir (Command line, passwd, linux)

  • Restart ssh deamon (Command line, linux)

If you want SSH access from internet:

  • Forward 22 port

  • Set DDNS

You do need some Linux basics though.


thanks for the reply, that makes things clearer. Up until now, I do not have any working knwoledge about Linux, other than it being an alternative OS. When I login with Putty, I am already working inside Linux, right? I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I will try to master some basic Linux skills before attempting this…

Correct, if you use putty and login as “root” you will be on the Linux Comand Line (CLI).

You do not need to be a Linux Guru for it, but need to know the basics and be confortable with it. Do not forget, you can really mess up the system if you do something wrong.