SSH Putty help please

Further to my issues discussed in MBL file to big for file system now lost folder ! help please - #3 by alphason

I have been reading about SSH as a way to access the MBL but not understanding it or if its even possible to do what I want.

Assuming the files I want to save are still on the MBL which the capacity indicated they are, can I use SSH & Putty to copy some of those files back to my PC?

I have enabled SSH on the MBL and dowloaded and configured putty so I can access it but dont know what to do now?

I read about a factory reset that does not delete the files, if I can find it again I suppose I could try it but it sounds risky? Ideally I would just like to get some photos off the drive first.

Is there a way to list all the files on the drive, and then copy the ones I want back to my windows 10 notebook using this method?

Any help appreciated.


I have never tried this. Lets see if another user with more experience with SSH can share some ideas with us.