SSH permissions and owners

I mapped 2 shares of my NAS as network drives on Windows 10 and logged in with my admin credentials. I gave read/write access to admin via the dashboard for these 2 shares.

Still I had no permission.

I read up on the internet and ended up connecting via ssh and using

chown admin “Share1” -R
chmod u+rwx,g+rwx “Share1” -R
chown admin “Share2” -R
chmod u+rwx,g+rwx “Share2” -R

On the shares, which worked like a charm.

The only problem is, that this does not work with new files. As soon as a new file is created it has the old bugged permissions and owners.

I tried to use the commands on the harddrive containing all the shares, but that action is not permitted.

How do I fix this?


Are you experiencing this with all the files or any specific ones?

What firmware are you running on the unit?