SSH and safepoint - MBL 2.0 TB

Hi all, I am trying to create a safepoint for my MBL 2TB,

  1. At create safepoint tab (on dashboard), when i click Discover, the message: No devices could be discovered. Please make sure your devices are connected to the network and try again. This has been the case for a few weeks. However I can access my MBL just fine. I am accessing via wireless not LAN

  2. What is SSH? Is it important to enable it?


What are you trying to SafePoint TO?

It says backup for the MBL. I have back up for the PC, but was wondering for the MBL should i create a backup too?

Well, that’s up to you, really.  Backups are a good idea for anything you can’t afford to lose…

But if you’re trying to create a safepoint for your MBL, you need to have another device on your network for the MBL to backup to.   Such as your PC, you would need to have a writable Share that the MBL can access.

Example below:   SATURN is a PC on my network with a couple of shared folders, as shown:


Thanks Tony, I realise we need another device! Which I dont have currently.

How about SSH, what is it and is it necessary to enable it on MBL?