SSH activated - password set - but no reaction when trying to log-in as sshd or SSH

I am trying to access the SSH shell to change some parameters.

Beforehand I have activated SSH access via dashboard, and I have set a new password for sshd

And now - after logout - I am trying to access this part via log-in
but neither SSH or sshd works, after a short time (to consider) I am back at the login page with admin entered

Before resetting my system to factory values (hoping not to loos my data …) I would like to know if there is another solution

so any help is welcome

Thank you

PS. by the way:
a) root / welc0me does not work
b) the fan does not operate at all - constantly at 0 rpm - disks at 50 ° Celsius or even 52 ° - which seems quite hot

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Continuing the discussion from SSH activated - password set - but no reaction when trying to log-in as sshd or SSH:

and I should add that I changed the disks from another previous used WD my cloud mirror casing into a new case (different serial number etc -

Are you using PuTTY to connect to the device using SSH (ensure that port settings are right)?

Are you sure that you’re entering the same IP that you use to access the dashboard?

Are you trying to login with the “sshd” user? Try entering “sshd@x.x.x.x” (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of your device for which you use to access the dashboard) into the “Host Name (or IP address)” field of PuTTY.

Thank you for the assistance, crazy boy

sorry but no

the putty access via my… this works - thanks again for the help - but I am not using putty as I am stuck with the few available commands - think that it would only help over the dashboard

My goal is to change settings for the fan start temperature at 45 ° Celsius
Nothing else —

I learned today that the system is set to start the small built-in fan only at temperatures exceeding 57° ! ! ! (rogue who thinks evil that this will assist in selling more disks after 3 years ??)



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Not a problem at all, georgf. However, I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say above?

Why would you be stuck with a few available commands? If you can gain access as you said through PuTTY using sshd@x.x.x.x, then you should have full access to shell…?

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