SSDP Broadcast Dropping using WD Live wire

Ive recently replaced my cable boxes with Windows media center and several xboxes… and many are connected via Live Wire.

My issue is when using the live wire devices, the SSDP dicovery fails… and as near as i can tell with netmon, the packets are not traversing the network. they are being dropped… everything else works… file copies…internet access , etc

If i bypass livewire and plug them all into a regular router… everything works fine.

I found some post on an issue with SSDP packet drops with INTELLON

I cant find if WD livewire uses intellon , but there definitely seems to be a problem with this device and packet dropping but bassed on this ; it does :


That might be the reason, but not sure is the live wire are base on Intellon technology.

just to be clear you don’t have any problems with a wired or wireless connection from the router to the xboxes?

No, No issues outside the discovery process… once the SSDP broadcasts success all the ‘tv’ traffic goes over the live wire component…

Im to the point of buying another vendors powerline equip that has newr firmware to test…

As for WD support… I opened a case on this over a week ago… and never even got a response… at least an FU, we wont help would have been nice…