SSD WD Dashboard


My WD SSD Dashboard does not run SMART test. It says, “Smart self test is not supported by your system’s storage driver”. My mother board is ASUS MAXIMUS X CODE and I am using Windows 10/64 version 1809. I downloaded Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) but it did not help. Any help would be appreciated.


to my knowledge - WD dashboard… whatever the version (latest is … does not work with smart tests- short or long. Since June, I have been through multiple versions of the dashboard (blue SSD 500) … and smart tests all fail. WD - if you look long enough - will lead you to “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows”… that program will theoretically accomplish the same function the dashboard should. I have used it (Windows 10,64 bit) and as far as I can tell- the program does the smart test.


Thank you 5223,

You are correct WD dashboard does not do SMART test. I have been working with WD Tech Support and they have not been able to help. They keep saying I need Native NVMe. My device manager has Standard NVME, which only recognizes drive (“D”) on SATA but not the “C” drive. My “C” drive is WD Black SSD 512 M.2 2280 PCIe. I downloaded Data Lifeguard but it did not recognize my “C” drive. I downloaded Crystal Disk Info and it tested all my drives: “C” internal SSD PCIe, “D” internal SATA and “H” external backup My Book.