Ssd wd blue sn550 500gb m.2 2280 nvme, wds500g2b0c

Does SSD WD BLUE SN550 500GB M.2 2280 NVME, WDS500G2B0C have an heatsink?

If dont Will i have problems using it without an heatsink?

hi, it does not have a heatsink, but you can adquire any 2280 compatible heatskink and it will fit good, i have that model and when i try it with and without the heatsynk it reduces 10 degrees, If you plan to adquire that SSD i recommend buying a heatsink as well.

Will placing a heat sink be beneficial to the SN550 500GB?

The NAND memory performs better when warm (25 C - 80 C) (source).
The controller’s lifetime is longer when cool.
The NAND has been placed as farly removed from the controller as possible (see FLIR image here).

When you place a heatsink over the entire board (like this one for example),
then you will effectively create a heat pipe from the controller chip to the NAND chip.

Is the reported temperature by the drive, the temperature of the controller or the NAND chip?

@ xabierus What temperatures did you measure before and after placing your heatsink?

Will placing a heatsink benefit the SN550, or does it only make matters worse?

Here are some pictures of the heat sink that I placed on the SN550 500GB:

Note that I placed a conductive thermal pad on top of the controller to get maximum heat dissipation from the controller to the heat sink (the light blue layer in between on the left side of the picture). The controller is the most heat emitting IC on the board.