SSD Sillicon Blue 128GB


Deciding to test a SSD Sillicon Blue using an Asus P6T WS Professional motherboard, i’m unable to succeed.

I upgraded all BIOS files, but the system (under Win 7 Pro)  let me know:

No Virtual or Physical drive !

Can some experimented member tell how in can proceed to check the SSD, and how to make it usable ?

PS: I’m afraid i made a mistake, following the advice of a VIP member of Asus, who adviced me to configure the SATA as a " AHCI " but no way. System blocked, even the BIOS was unable to use.

I even tested on a P6T7 Supercomputer !

I’m lost…

Many thanks in adavance

YOu should have no trouble with SSD. I have Asus P6X58D and configured the SSD as ACHI.

check to see if your BIOS can recognize the drive  in BIOS configurations. If not, you may not have pluged the SATA cable or power cable correctly.