SSD prevents BIOS from starting


So I recently bought a WD Blue SN550 500 GB which was meant to replace the mSATA M.2 from my laptop. However, when I plug this SSD into my laptop, the latest don’t boot on my bootable USB stick and I’m not able to access its BIOS.

My laptop is an ASUS Vivobook X512DA, I can access bios by pressing the F2 when the original SSD is pluged in, or the NVMe SSD from my other PC and even when there’s no SSD pluged in, but I can’t access BIOS with this new SSD.

Thank you in advance

Almost the same case here,

My laptop is an ASUS TUF FX505DT. I bought a WD Blue SN550 500GB too, installed it in the NVMe slot, and my laptop cannot boot. I can still see the Asus logo, but I cannot enter BIOS or do anything at all.

Things I have tried:

  • Pulled out my WD Green SATA SSD and just plug the WD Blue Nvme, the boot process stuck at Asus logo, no BIOS.
  • Put back my WD Green SATA SSD and pull out the WD Blue Nvme, the system is boot normally again.
  • Update to the latest BIOS (ver 310), still no luck.
  • Enter BIOS, disable SVM, Fastboot, Secure Boot etc and then plug back the WD Blue Nvme, still no luck.

Am I missing something here?

Seems like I’ve forgotten to update my post here, I had to update my BIOS and everything works fine for my case.

Try to format you new SSD and create a partition table if there’s not one already. To do so you can download GParted and create a live usb.

Well, I have updated my BIOS but my sistem still cannot boot, stuck at ASUS logo and cannot enter BIOS.

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Same issue here.
most occurs during restart.
If disconnect and resconnect power cable of PC, it can boot normally.
Seems there is state issue during the PC reboot result in SSD prevent PC from booting.
My PC is intel Hades NUC(model : NUC8i7HVK)
WD blue SN550 1T

Tested and compared with Samsung 970 Pro, no issue at all.

New replacement SSD come, and it won’t still enter BIOS. I’m starting to think that this is SN550 issue.

Hi yoseph2001

I have a ASUS FX505 and I have EXACTLY the same problem. When I fit the WD SN550 SSD I can’t get past the ASUS Logo screen, can’t enter BIOS.

Did you find a solution?

Thanks, Dave.

I fitted the original WD SN520 256GB SSD and it works perfectly.

I updated the BIOS to latest version 310 released 12th March 2020, but I still have the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

I sent the WD SN550 1TB back to the shop for a refund.

I purchased a CRUCIAL P1 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD for a slightly cheaper price. Fitted that and no problems, so happy now.

So it seems the WD SN550 1TB isn’t compatible with the either the ASUS FX505 Motherboard or the BIOS.

Wow, it is great you can get refund. The distributor here won’t give me refund at all, they just insist to gave me a new drive, which of course won’t work… maybe until a new BIOS out.

I’m still waiting for my replacement drive though.

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That’s bad news they will only give you the same drive as a replacement, like you say it won’t work.
Do they sell other 1TB M.2 drives? Couldn’t they send you a different make/model?
I’ve been using my Crucial P1 1TB for about 3 weeks now without any problems and I sold the original 256GB drive to someone on Facebook.

I hope you can get the problem fixed.

Yeah thank you, it is very good to know that your system works now, so it must be the drive’s problem.

They sell other brand like Lexar. I asked them if I can change to WD Black SN750 and I will pay for the price difference but they say I can’t. But after saw this forum about WD NVMe drives… I think I won’t buy them at all. WD SATA SSD are good though, but I think I will try other brand.

Hello, I have the same problem right now, anyone solved it can help me please?

The only solution I found was to change it and use the CRUCIAL P1 1TB NVMe M.2 and that works great.

I did contact ASUS Customer support and this was their reply:

"Thank you for contacting ASUS Support.

According to the specifications of your gaming notebook, it is officially tested to work with up to 512GB SSD, meaning we cannot ensure if it will support more than this capacity.

Therefore, it’s likely that you will experience issues with adding 1TB SSD, as it simply is not officially supported for this model, hence why it boots fine only with your 256GB drive."

Their reply confuses me. I think NVMe are common things already - I mean - if I buy any SATA harddrive (be it SSD or Harddisk), won’t it fit to every system? I never had issues with SATA years ago when it was first released. Or NVMe is not a “standard” interface?

So is this WD problem or ASUS problem?

The reply from ASUS is saying they have only tested the FX505 laptop with a maximum 512GB SSD in the M.2 slot, so larger drives are not guaranteed to work.

It’s about the size of drive not the type of interface.

All the best, Dave.

Yeah, but your 1TB works and my 512GB doesn’t work at all :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I forgot yours is 512GB.

I don’t know why it doesn’t work. You could try contacting ASUS be I don’t think they will be able to give you a solution, maybe in the future with a BIOS update?

I think your easiest solution would be to buy a Crucial P1 like mine, at least we know that it works.

All the best, Dave.

Yeah I had, they told me to bring my laptop to service center. I will bring the drive also when it arrive. I’m pretty sure my laptop is okay since not only me that have this problem :smile:

I have the exact same problem, have you been able to solve it?

i have ASUS TUF FX505DU
I bought WD SN550 SSD 1TB