SSD in bios not disk management

This is a new WD SSD. It is recognized in the Bios. I have a raid0 setup with other drives so everything is on that instead of AHCI, but it will use AHCI drivers when in stand alone mode, which all my SSD’s are. This is my 3rd SSD to add to this computer.
It shows up in Bios and in the separate Asus Raid setup it is setup as stand-alone like all other SSD’s in my PC.
It will NOT show up in Windows 10 Disk Management, Device Manager, or File Manager. Even when I tried using a Win10 Media CD it won’t show that drive as an installation option, though it isn’t initialized yet, so… yeah.
I’ve tried different ports, different cables, even different power cords. Everything else works fine - power, cords, ports, other drives, regardless of the configuration this one just isn’t showing. I flashed my Bios to the latest, I’ve run Windows Memory Diagnostics, I even swapped it out with the other ssd I bought for the wife which is having exactly the same problem… I am out of ideas completely. Anyone have some thoughts here?