Ssd driver for wd blue 3d nand sata ssd m.2 2280

I have been trying to install Win 10 pro 64bit on my new 1tb SSD however when windows asks for the AHCI driver no drivers are found and install won’t go any further😭 Spoke to Microsoft and the day that. WD driver is needed at the point I have the problem, but can not locate one on the site, can anyone help? I have a temp win 8 setup running on the SSD at the moment.

the driver needed is for the SATA chipset in the computer not the SSD. Windows 10 has a native AHCI driver so you can use the native driver or if you want you can check the mother board or computer manufacturers website for the SATA chipset driver.

It’s ok I have got round the problem by installing Win8 and upgrading to win10 took a while as I had to wait for 133 updates for win8 before I could install win10, but I am up and running now and windows is fast as hell:)