SSD Dashboard - Does not run under Windows 7 64-bit

Hi folks!

I have bought the SSD Green (240 GB) recently and I am very satisfied with it. I also tried to run the SSD Dashboard (version under the Windows 7 64-bit to monitor its wear-out. The application will not run correctly most of the time with this exception (from WinDbg):

I have not been able to find out the main source of the problem yet (the application will run correctly under the safe mode). However, the application will run correctly in the “Windows 7” (32-bit) compatibility mode. Maybe this information will help someone else with similar problem or/and this problem will be solved in the next version…

Thank you everyone for your work/support and take care!


Same problem for me. Green 240GB. Dashboard gives empty, white window. Tried compatibility modes, “run as administrator” but makes no difference.