SSD capacity and connection unknown

On two Dell desktop computers I have replaced the HDD with SSD WD Digital Black SN700.
After installation The WD SSD dashboard software can’t detect the SSD capacity (unknown) and the connection (unknown).

In time and prior to the installation of the SSD, both Dell computers - one Dell Optiplex 7040 and one Dell Precision 3420 - were upgraded from W7 professional to W10 professional.

Because of unknown reasons the Dell Optiplex 7040 gave more and more blue screens after the upgrade.
After some irritating months I decided tot install W10 from the bottom up on the Dell Optiplex 7040 (Full fresh install, no upgrade).
Surprisingly the WD Dashboard software detects now the SSD capacity (PCIe 3.0 x 4) and also the connection (PCIe 3.0 x 4).

The Dell Precision 3420 works fine after the upgrade but still don’t show the SSD capacity (unknown) and the connection (unknown).

Is there some way to make it detectable?
If possible I don’t want to make a clean and full install of W10 because it take a lot ours of working.