SS 4T Stopped working


My SS suddenly stopped working. I didn’t do any firmware update.

a) I cannot access the web, ssh, FTP.

b) Power light is solid

c) HDD lights are blinking green

d) System Identification LED is blinking RED

I dont care about the data as i have another backup. Pls suggest how i can restore to factory default. I have tried to switch the HDD around but it doesnt seems to do the rebuild as my Power Light LED stays solid in just a few mins time after power cycle. Any suggestions?

I attached my drives to another machine and zeroed them out and then put them back in and it rebuilt.

Was this following a firmware update?

Thanks and No, it wasn’t caused by a firmware update. I don’t really know what caused it, I didnt do anything on it. A year ago, I had this bad experience of bricking my SS after the upgrade. So, I don’t do any upgrade anymore…