.SRT subtitles dont work by NAS

WD TV Live play my movies by LAN / NAS but dont recognize de .SRT subtitles.

When WD will fix that?

At least, can aswer if is working about it?? If not, is better sell my wd tv live…


I can view .srt files with no problems wireless. I am using the Western Digital My Book World Edition 4 TB (2 x 2 TB) NAS

hi, if I access my linkstation NAS via media shares, the .srt files don’t work. but if I access it via network shares, the .srt files work. I don’t know why, but until the issue is resolved, at least it works.


I´m having the same problem, I have TV eps in .avi and subs in .srt on my NAS (offcourse with the same name and in the same folder) and WD LIve cant see the srt file for some reason.

Being new at this, I´m not sure what is meant by connection via Media Shares or Network Shares.

Could someone explain the diffence and thereby tell me how to get the srt files to work ?

Other than this I must say I love my new “toy”, it works like a charm :slight_smile: