when transferring a movie to the wdlive harddisk srt-files seem not to be recognized.

Srt is a separate file.

movie is subtitled when USB is in otherwise not.

what to do?

As long as the srt is the same name as the movie, it does not matter where it goes.

Lion King.avi


You sure you copied the srt across ?

srt-file insnt showing on tv  only can see mkv files when copying ore moving

copying over the network is no problem.

but when i do it with usb plugged in it doesnt transfer the srt

You can only copy an .srt to the Hub via a Network Connection.

The Hub wont display  the .srt because it’s not a “Media” File…

The “Files” Copy option only see’s either a Video File,Picture File or Music File.

An .srt is essentially a “Text” file …

Will all that said… the .srt will work for the movie once you’ve copied it via the network.

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Can you explain please. I have on my NAS a folder Movies with diff sub folders(movie name) and there I have the movie and srt subtitle file, both the same name. On my pc the movie play with subtitles but when I play it with my WD TV live I don’t see subtitles and when I push the buttom subtitles on the remote nothing happend. Many thansk for the help

Copy it via your computer/laptop across the network, not the HUB.


The Hub will not be able to access .srt files on your NAS. Those videos must be on the internal drive.

l10rdr33f4 wrote:

The Hub will not be able to access .srt files on your NAS. Those videos must be on the internal drive.

Can you explain this? I do not have a NAS so have not experience with it, but I have a LiveHub, a LivePlus with two external drives, and several Windows machines on my network. The LiveHub reads the movies & .srt files that are on the Plus’ external drives perfectly, and plays the subtitles. Wouldn’t this be similar to a LiveHub accessing directories on a NAS?  I was under the impression that the Hub just saw all remote drives similarly using SMB, pretty ignorant of what type of machine it was connecting to.

That said, (and hopefuly not to hijack the thread), when the LiveHub is connecting to network shares over SMBs, does it really understand that it’s Windows, Unix, a NAS OS, or another WD device? And if not, which is how mine seems to act, why would it care if the .srt files were on a NAS, as long as they are named correctly and in the same dir as the movie?

Thanks, and sorry for my ignorance here on NAS, but have been researching various ones for possible purchase, so this topic interests me heavily as I have a lot of foreign movies and that is where I had intended to store them.



His statement is valid if you’re accessing any files via MEDIA SERVER (DLNA) function.

But it doesn’t apply if you’re accessing a NAS via Samba or NFS.

In your case, your Hub is acting as a NAS. 

Cool, thanks for the quick response Tony. To be honest I haven’t really figured any reason / advantage to using the media server option. I just have the media library setup to access different direcotries on all the machines on my network over smb network shares, and it seems to work great. Themes work well, I can manually make XML files and covers etc for anything I can’t get hubgen to find and am all around pretty happy.