No longer supported. Would be nice to get it back, for those of us with Squeezeboxes and their kin. Now reduced to running Logitech Media Server on my Windows desktop - sigh.


The app is no longer supported on My Cloud OS 5 devices. Thank you for understanding
and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

This is ridiculous. The ability to run Squeezeserver is one of the main reasons I bought this product. It worked great on OS 3. Now I’m forced to run Squeezeserver on my desktop, which means never putting the desktop to sleep. Why was this removed? Are there plans to bring it back?

I guess we should have read all the documentation before hitting the upgrade button. I suppose a popup warning “do you really want to obliterate your [insert discontinued feature] forever” was nixed by an infernal committee.

On the plus side, I am learning how to run a Squeezeserver, Plex, and perhaps NAS on a Raspberry Pi.