Squeak HDD noise. Is it severe?

I’ve got a western digital black 3.5" @7200 1TB HDD (WD1003FZEX-00K3CA0) bought on nov 2018 and with only 580 working hours within a desktop PC. This is the weird noise I’m talking about. I herd it about a month ago for the 1st time and it occurs not regularly so I spent a lot of time to record it. Some days I don’t hear it at all while other days it occurs every about 2 hours but consider I can hear it mainly at evening and night because at daytime there’s a lot of noise around me (road traffic, etc.).

I’ve already run both tests with official WinDlg WD utility, I mean quick and extended, and they’re “pass”. Moreover CrystalDiskInfo says “good”. I’ve red some wd stuff about hdd noises like this one and I’ve also tried to use the other MB’s sata cable but this weird noise goes on.

I’d like to know if you’ve ever herd it and if it can suggest a trouble, I mean right now or in the long period as well.

Thanks for your attention.

Hi SeaHorse,

The WD Black drive would be working fine as it passed in tests with Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostic and WD Drive Utility. However, you can refer below article to recognize which noises indicate trouble or normal drive operation.