Is anyone else having a problem with Spotify? When I select a song to play, it plays that song, then stops. I expected it to continue to play the next song, and so on. I’ve tried turning on shuffle, repeat, and all that, but nothing works. How the heck do I get this things to play music continuously?

Also, when viewing my playlists, the song title is displayed, and below it, it states “By:” but then lists the album title… I’m going to assume that is a bug, since it should be displaying the artist name. I can’t believe they didn’t catch something so obvious. But the continuous play bug is pretty obvious as well… so who knows.

Why would you want to listen to more than 1 song in a row?

I think FireMedic meant that the spotify doesn’t play the next item on the list; stops after the chosen song is finished. I noticed that too. I think the problem is intermittent. Also, there are times that the browsing from the Spotify main menu goes like 3-4 times even if you only press the left or right button once.

I was having the same problem. I found out that once you play the first song, you must hit the “Next” button – the one that looks like this >>| in order to get the album rolling.

By the way, this question is over 2 weeks old. As someone who just purchased the WD TV Live, that worries me a lot. It seems like the response to these issues is severely lacking.

I’d also like to see support for scrobbling Spotify plays to I’m not holding my breath on that.

Yes this seems like a bug. One wonders if anyone uses the spotify feature, since this is quite basic functionality.

If I select an album or playlist  in Spotify, and start the first song (navigate to album/playlist and press Ok twice), it will play the whole album (or, it plays the first song _twice_ (yes, twice!), and then continues with the rest). But if I try to start with another song in the playlist or album, it will only play that single song. I don’t understand the logic…

The manual describes a behavior for playing a single or all songs in a folder (not within spotify though, since spotify is not mentioned at all in the manual), where the Ok button should play only the selected song, and the Play button should play all songs. But it did not behave that way in the Spotify for me. But it sounds like a good idea and it would be great if spotify behaved that way also…