Spotify WDTV: Strange things happening when playing an album of ZAZ in Spotify on the WDTV

Working with Spotify

This beats it all! When googeling some artists I found ZAZ, a French female singer-songwriter. Not that my French is that good, but I liked her voice and music. I listened to the album “ZAZ” and decided I liked it enough to add it as a playlist.

When I play it from my playlist, the WDTV crashes immediately.  When I do a search on ZAZ and play the album, it plays without any problems. Playing it as playlist and the WDTV crashes(reboots). And over and over. When I do a search an ZAZ, select on track and go with “options” to “Google ZAZ” and I select that album, it plays. Going to my playlist, play the same album and the WDTV crashes again.

I named the playlist ZAZ and put the album “ZAZ” in it. It crashes every time. In all other cases not. I renamed the playlist, but no results, it still crashes. I gave the WDTV several factory resets and power cycles, but it still happens.

Is this weird or what???

Hi, check if you have the latest firmware update available, follow the link below for more information. 

How to automatically or manually update the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

Yes, I have the latest firmware. It updates automaticilly also.