Spotify playlist won't show up

Hi :slight_smile:

How come that the Photo folder in my WD TV Live gen 3 is messed-up? instead of showing my photo albums it show more then 400 thumbnail, all coming from the player it self, they look like the player games thumbnail…and some from the USB stick I connected to it.

(I uploaded the photo according to the format reccomended by the WD manual, png, jpeg (rgb), tiff (rgb) etc)

Any ideas? someone else with the same problem?

Greatful for any answer


Solved:  I figure it out myself  :wink:

Anyone else having problem in accessing/playing tracks from playlist in spotify?

Also, I add tracks to playlist or create a new playlist and add tracks but it’s always show empty does’t matter how many tracks I add…they are not there when I check.

I have Spotify premium.

greatfull for any help

Thank you!

Check if you have the latest firmware to avoid any issues.