Spotify playlist empty on my WD TV live

I have for this month an premium account at Spotify. With my Mobile device and my computer i can sync these devices.

I logged in with my account and the Spotify service on the WD TV Live device and all goes well, i can search songs and see my playlists. but when i go to a specific playlist it stays empty. A soft reboot didn’t help an i couldn’t find anyone on the forum with a simulair problem.

Were you able to fix this issue with Spotify? I was having some issues with it, but it clear it self.

I haven’t got the chance to check it, but i will soon.

No one has experienced this before?

i have the same problem, it wont list items in the playlist (And therefore cant play them)

the only working thing is playing stared items, and new stuff in the “new” -tab.

even adding new items to a playlist  made with wd tv live gen 3 will not list the items. 

This issue has just started for me tonight. Maybe a global Spotify issue?

Any update on this issue? Are other people seeing the problem?