Spotify issue

Hey All,

I actually love the spotify addition to the Hub! I was already a premum user and hoave loads of Albums and self-made playlists.

Now I only have one nagging issue. When playing a track from a self made playlist (eg My Playlist), after the song is finished it will not continue to the next song. I have to manually select another song and start it. Very Very annoying!!

I can change the play mode, and get it to repeat, but nut any next song in the playlist.

When I am in an Album Playlist (for instance I’ve added U2 Joshua Tree as a playlist) this problem does not occur!

Part of the problem seems to be that whgen I select the playlist, initially it will show all files with a small image of the Album art and the filename. I select a song and then it will go into regular playlist mode (all song titles under eachother). After the song is finished it reverts back to the initial display of album art and filenams and stops playing.

Whats going on there??! Such a good idea, but this takes 75% of the fun away.

Other than that, no problems with the new Firmware at all!



Hi, I have the same problem, and, it makes it almost unusable. I can’t even make an album playlist play continuously.  Not even if I search for an album, and try to play it without adding it as a playlist. Having Spotidy on the WD Live Hub is great, so I hope they will fix this soon.


Same problem here.

After the first song has played it just repeats that first song. (In “repeat all” playmode)

If i manually select and play the second song, it stops playing and highlights the first song again, in stead of playing the third song.

Also it takes about 5-7 seconds for any song to start playing.



Very strange,my playlist tracks play one after the other no problem at all. But…there is a gap of around 15 seconds before the next track plays.

Try waiting and see what happens.

Weird…some playlists do have this issue, and some dont…

The same problem, push “play” on the playlist works fine, but any change stops the playlist.

Or sometimes it reboot the WD.

When the screensaver starts (slideshow) the music stops!! Can i change this or is it a bug?

I am also experiencing disturbing issues with Spotify on my WD Hub.

I can only get the app to continue play after the first song by pressing play on an entire playlist. If I press play on any one song it will only play that song and then stop playback entirely. The most annoying part of this is that it makes it impossible to start playback from anywhere except the beginning of a playlist.

I really hope you are working on this. If we are to rely on our WD hardware for our future listening this needs to be fixed soon.


I love having Spotify available in the Live Hub, but I have a few annoying problems with it.

I can play all my playlists – but it will always play the first song twice and then move on to play the songs one after the other.

Another problem is that it always seems to cut off the last seconds of each song in the playlist.

And then as others have mentioned there is a much longer delay (between 5-10 seconds) between each song on the Live Hub compared to how quickly it changes songs in the PC version.

I am also having this issue. I cannot get Spotify to continue playing a playlist or album after the first track has finished without manually choosing the next track.

Is there any update on the solution to this issue?

The ISSUES forum is the place to watch, and no one has posted the issue yet.

Has a solution for this come out?  It is annoying not being able to press play once and let the music continuously play.  Also, does anyone know if there is a shuffle mode?  Thanks! Tom

Sorry to be a pain, but I was wondering if it is possible yet to shuffle tracks on Spotify or simply click play and let it stream one track after another without having to hit play for each track.  Without these features, it makes it tough to use Spotify.