Spotify flr WD TV HD LIVE?

Is spotify comming to WD TVlive box?

Hi esarp, welcom to the forums!  :)

Spotify will not be making an appearance any time soon on the Live.  A significant factor would be that Spotify is currently limited to the UK and a handful of other European countries.  The current feature set on the Live, rightly or wrongly, seems more focused on North American customers and services.  There are many requested features that would benefit customers worldwide that will take precedence. 

However, all is not lost!

There is a program called Jamcast that can stream Spotify to the Live.  There seem to be some limitations (not least that Jamcast is not free and requires a computer to be on) but it does appear to work.  There’s a thread regarding it here:

For other internet radio streams (e.g. ShoutCast), you might want to look into TVersity (free, also requires a PC for streaming).  I made a brief post regarding setting up TVersity for internet radio streams here:

Hope that helps.