Sporatic packet drops on My Book World Edition II

I had a brief electrical outage and when everything came back up (PCs, routers, MBWEII, etc) the MBWE NAS was acting all kinds of squirrelly.  Everything was slow and videos stuttered, file copies hung and etc.

So, I searched these posts for an answer.

I didn’t specifically find the answer to my problem posted here, however on this thread:


about connection drops, I did follow the advice of the kind person helping out by opening up DOS command windows and did a ping /t against my router and the MBWE.

The router ping results were always 100% solid.

However, the MBWE ping results were sporatically going back and forth between getting replies and not getting replies…sometimes for seconds at a time causing severe stutters and/or page time-outs when managing the device.

What eventually worked for me was strangely this:

Somehow “MioNet” got turned on and for some reason, when that’s turned on, it must be doing something to bog the NAS down so much that it dropps packets because as soon as I turned MioNet off, I got solid ping results, no losses, no stuttering, everything cool.

I’m not sure how MioNet got turned on…I certainly didn’t do it because I don’t use that service…perhaps(?) during the abrupt shutdown something got “reset” to a default???

Anyways, if you’re having intermittant/sporatic disconnects, check your MioNet settings and try turning them off to see if that helps.

Advanced, Network, Remote Access, turn OFF “Enable MioNet on Startup”, make sure the status is: “Stopped”

Hope this helps someone else!

thanks for sharing dude