Spongebob's Runaway Roadtrip Cover?

Question I put spongebob’s runaway road trip on my wd live and it’s the only movie out of 63 that isn’t finding the info when I click get info. How can I fix this please? Thanks


login and make one :slight_smile:

Could u please help. I did create one but I need help on a few that I can’t figure out please. Not sure what: Localized Title, Tagline, Budget and Revenue are. And I tried uploading 2 pictures as backdrops but no luck, could u please help. Thanks!

Backdrop must be 1280x720
Localized Title  - In case of foreign movies you can ad an English title of movie
Tagline - Tagline of the movie :wink: often found on imdb under the title
Budget - how much did it cost?

All this info is not mandatory so I don´t need to ad it

Could u help with the back drop please? Thanks

The moviedb.org relies on people contributing movies,info,poster and artwork.

Please consider ‘joining’ this site … if you have a movie that is not in the database.

And if it’s missing the info,posters,fanart etc… then starting creating,google’ing and editing pictures to upload to this


As a “One  time”… Demo  i googled images “SpongeBob’s Runaway Roadtrip” and then in GIMP cut and resized it and uploaded it the moviedb.org.

So for any movies you have in future… if there is no artwork… start creating and contributing.

I am a member of the site. I created the spongebob’s runaway road trip on the site. I just don’t know how to make the back drop. Thanks

Maybe time to learn how to use a Photo Editing software…

Hundreds to choose from… ranging from Simple to Advanced and Freeware to Payware.

Try Google, and try some out,  to see which one suits your needs.