Spinning Wheel

Setup: WDTV Live (latest firmware), Media Server running PS3 Media Server and 1Gbps wired connection

Settings: Factory defaults except adding my wired network connection and selecting my media server as the content source.

Problem: I select a video to watch off my media server, and it just sits there with the spinning wheel. The WDTV is responsive still as I can press the stop button and return to the menu. It will literally just sit there for 15 minutes if I let it.

When the problem occurs, I perform a factory reset and it will work (turning the unit on and off again, or trying another media file has no affect, still get the spinning wheel).

I also own a PS3 and when the WDTV is playing up, I’m able to play the same file from the PS3 so I don’t think it is related to the network/server.

Does this apply to all files or just some files?

Have you tried playing via network shares?