Spinning WD My Passport

Nightmare! Dropped my WD My Passport with 3tb worth of data! Worked for a few days and now doesn’t. Makes the dreaded clicking sound.
Now I have had a look around and I can’t afford the £500 to retrieve the data so I am thinking of having a go - does anyone know the best way to prise off the casing of a My Passport outer shell please?

But you’re ok to afford losing your data permanently by having a go by yourself ?

If you don’t even know how to dissemble it … that’s a major warning sign that you won’t have the skills to repair it as it gets more difficult and precise and very risky from there on in.

Put the drive away in a safe place and start saving up money until you can afford it.

And also because additional hard drives in future to use as backups of your important data in case of accidents.

I take it you work for a data recovery company then??