Spinning arrow problem

Hi all, 

I’m not very good with tech stuff so apologies in advance if there’s a lack of info. Will try to clarify best I can:

I bought a WD TV Media Player recently. Was playing fine for a few days. I have a 2TB Samsung USB external hard-drive with some videos on (of various formats - avi, mp4, mkv, mov) but as soon as I click to play any of them only the spinning arrow comes up and the file doesn’t play. 

Any suggestions? 

Many thanks.

I should add that I connect the external hard drive through USB, so there’s no wireless streaming. However the WDTV box is connected to my wifi. Thanks.

If you tried to play a “bad” video, it’s a good chance that none of them will play until the WD is rebooted (pull the power plug, don’t just turn it off with the remote – that generally just puts it in standby.)

See if you can track down the offending video.

You’re right, works fine after I unplugged it. Embarrassingly obvious solution even for me. Thanks!