Spinning Arrow Of Death!

I’ve only been using WD TV Live for 2-3 weeks now. It’s been going OK, except for the “Spinning Arrow Of Death” (SAOD)!  Any idea what causes the SAOD on WD TV Live?? Many times each day, after I choose a host for something to watch, I get the SAOD and it will just sit there and spin forever, never loading anything. It’s normal to see the arrow for ~5 seconds while it loads the program, but if it sticks around for 30+ seconds, I know I’m screwed! It’s not just from a particular script or host. It’s like it just locks up. The only fix (temporary) that I’ve found for this, is to reset to factory settings. It gets very annoying as I have to do this 10-20x every day. It seems to happens when I click on a link that may be bad, then the arrow spins forever, until I give up (5+ min). Then, even if I go to a link that I “know” is working, because I just finished watching it, I still get the non-stop spinning arrow. Seems like once it locks up on a link, NOTHING will open, until I completely reset the box. Then, I can go back to the link that I know was good earlier (as I had recently watched it) and it’ll work perfectly. It’s gets terribly annoying, as I’ll have to resetting 10-20 times/day!

Also, I get terrible stuttering on many links.

Is there a fix for this?? I must have the latest firmware, as its only a couple weeks old and it probably updated when I first hooked it up. I have 30 days to return this thing…

Any suggestions??


What happen is that a ‘bad’ file causes the player to lock up and then it will play nothing al all. You will have to identify your bad file and not play it. That file would be the one that first causes the spinning arrow.

But why does the player lock up, when other streaming media players don’t? There is no reason for this. It should just not open with a bad link, instead of locking up and causing problems with other links. Everytime this happens, the only way to fix this lock-up is to reset the whole system. Sounds like a fix in the firmware is needed. VERY frustrating!

You are absolutely correct, it should not happen. However if you find the ‘bad’ files then it will not happen again.