Spin up time value is decreasing

recently i just noticed that the spin up time was showing threshold 21 value 196 worst 172 and today i checked the value droped to 193 i mean my laptop is working good i just noticed a weird freeze like half second when i press and hold left click on the mouse on whatever window i have open like example, skype if i press left click and hold the video freezes for a second i dont know if that is related to hdd just want to see any opinion from you guys. thanks

Hello there,

Try to run a diagnostic on the drive to see if it has any errors, if it does not come back with errors, then i recommend checking other devices on the computer to verify if everything is OK.

I wont say that it is not he drive but, you need to narrow down the possibilities regarding the cause of this.

Here is a link to download a software that will help you with he diagnostic of the drive:

thank you so much for replying i just checked the smart info of life quard and the nuber went on 196- i dont know what is happening, i tried all sorts of programs to check the health of my drive even life quard everything is ok , i use that hard disk sentinel it shows health perfect, so i have no clue how that value went up from 193 to 196, just soo anoying when ever i press and hold left click what ever i do it freezes for a second, i just want to know what is it, other than that my laptop works good,

a think this problem appeared after i wiped my hdd i used that http://www.dban.org/ everything went fine no errors, so since then i have that issue and just now i checked the value it droped to 195