Spelling of tv show to use automatic get info

I can’t figure out the correct spelling i have to use to make te automatic get info recognize my tv show.

i tried something like

name.sxx.exx.episode tittle

but it is working only for few episode.

What am I missing? What about serie with more than one word in thte title. Should i have dot between word ?


the.big.bang.theory.s01.e01.xxxx yyyy

Try taking out the dot between SxxEyy.

The Big Bang Theory.S01E01.mkv

is an example that I have.

I already did it.

What i can’t explain is that all my tv shows are sort in folders and sub folders by series and by season. In the same folder, ther is only on tv show. Some episode are well recognized but some others are not. It doesn’t mak esens considering the name format is the same for all of them.

I really don’t undersrtand how the get info toll is working…

made some test tonight.

when i try a manual update, some show are proposing 2 different choices, and i believe it is the reason why the automatic get info fail. But is there any option to make the hub choosing the first proposal? Most of the time there is 2 differents proposal for the same show: one in french and one in english.

I finaly find the answer: I turned the hub seting to English instead of french and now it is working fine…