Speling mistaiks in KB atricle for OS5 Upgrage

There are some rather poor spelling errors in this knowledge article:

  1. Firmware will Upgrage
  2. Sign in with exisitng My Cloud OS 5 …
  3. To opt-in |to| the analytics clickAgree to share

It gives the impression of a product that was rushed to release, with little attention to detail, and does not inspire any confidence in me to take the plunge and install it. My precious device, time, and data are at stake (naturally I do have backups). Based on this, I’ll not be an early-adopter, and will continue to use OS3 until at least next year.

And it gets worse. This is from the EX4100 manual page at:

Designed from the ground up with the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from WD® My Cloud EX4100 is a high-performance, two-bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) device …

It’s a four-bay system. I know. I own one. It looks like a clumsy cut-and-paste job, that was not subsequently proof-read by anyone.

“Quality,” they say.