Speed slow downs (Reboot)

Dear WD,

   I am typing this to let you know that i am having to reboot my modem and router every 2 days to regain  my full internet speed.My modem is a sagemcom 4300,and i didn’t have any trouble until this last update early this month.Is there anything i can do other than keep resetting my modem and WD N900?

I have replaced my modem with a new one,and still i have the same results.So that leads me to believe it is the router is at fault.I regain full Internet speed after a reboot of the router,This will last about 24-36hrs ten again the slowdown occurres.

I would be greatful to hear a response in thread of this matter.

 Thanks, Xander_Ace.

Hi, check if you have the latest firmware update for the mynet.

I have an N900 and have not seen this with it yet. 

How fast is your internet connection?

How are you seeing it slowing down? Such as, longer loading times for pages or by running a speedtest?