Specifying Auto Backup Location for My Cloud OS 5

Is it possible to specify the directory other than the the 4 given options in the auto backup settings? Previously I had put my auto backup of photos in a subdirectory and not being able to choose a location for them to be dumped is a bit inconvenient. I am currently using an LG Stylo 5x with Android version 9 and My Cloud OS 5. The current options are given below.

In OS 5, auto backups is limited to the Share Level.
Sub Directories are not supported in OS 5 and neither is WD Sync.

Good Sync Free for WD is available in the 3rd party app store.

Just keep in mind that Good Sync is not free (beyond a trial) and asks for you windows Login account and password.

As I have just upgraded my WD cloud from OS3 to OS5, I have to say I am very disappointed in the capability of the new version. It appears that WD went back to the stone age for features and took something that worked somewhat well and broke it.