Specific files/folders

the backup software really, really, really needs options to include/exclude specific files/folders!!!  :angry:

sounds like a very good idea maybe you should try posting in the idea section.

Thanks for pointing out the ideas section.  After review of that and this part of the forum it is my conclusion that wd has  a market segment in mind with mybook/smartware and is set in their ways.  If they were not, it would be nice if they were to intercede in the forums and notify the users that they are considering some of the changes suggested.

For the time being, I am ok with mybook and smartware, but would never recommend it to anyone that wants an external drive for true controlled backup purposes or just additional space.   mybook = fail.   It would not = fail if the firmware allowed removal of the vcd or wd provided an additional firmware update w/o the vcd…  

Fortunately my include/exclude needs are not critical and also somewhat manageable by me if I care to do file conversions from mp4 to avi as I deal with a lot of movies that are now in the mp4 format which is considered music by smartware.  I already manage most of this because I have multiple drives that I can exclude from backup.