Special Release - Firmware Version 3.03.16 for WD TV Live Hub (4/4/12)

WD is happy to announce this special firmware update for the WD TV Live Hub Media Player. This release deals specifically with the MLB Playback issues. We are currently working on another update to address many of the issues encountered in the last firmware release.

If you experience any issues with this firmware, please report them in the WD TV Live Hub Issue Reporting exchange.

Feel free to post your questions or share your experiences here in this thread.

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WD are you joking?! A firmware release with only MLB.TV fixes? Always new apps or fixes for the apps yeah?! And most of consumers (at least people on this forum) continues to ask basic feature fixes! Have you ever think of improving the bleeping music player interface for example?! My old mp3 player can do better!!! :smileyvery-happy:




Let us know if a fix for the .png problem is at least planned or in development and in case what is the status of the development!

How about a firmware fix that addresses broken Component video? Unbelievable 

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I was using 3.03.13 before and let this update since I didn’t know what it was for since that option is broke apparently. Anyway I can no longer access any of my network shares, either PC or my other WDTV. Both give me the Invalid username or password. I have rebooted all 3 devices. I have erased and reentered the l/p. None of that seemed to help.

I can go to my pc and see the hub and its files just fine. Can see the hub with the wdtv live box too. Just can not use any network shares with the hub and access anything else. It worked fine last night before the update.

… and how about the new firmware, which can support more new wireless USB adapters, like ZyXel NWD-2105 or DWA-125 A3… ??? 

Current WiFi devices list is mostly outdated, very hard to find those adapters now.

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Plesk90 wrote:



WD are you joking?! A firmware release with only MLB.TV fixes? 

Yeah, you’re exactly right.  WD should have delayed this fix until all the other fixes were ready… That way, people paying for the service don’t get to use it on OPENING DAY.

Sounds like a great idea.  ;)

WD, would like to know what the fixes that are working for the next version? What errors are you working, that’s very important to us users.

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How about overhauling the whole music player interface,already…  

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What is so special about this release that it gets the title SPECIAL RELEASE?

Special would have been to FIX some of things that USED to work and have been broken by [delete] RELEASES.

Im getting closer and closer to the end with this box.

Hey why not just make it open source and we’ll fix it ourselves!


I second the idea. Open source the non-drm part of the firmware. You have two audience, the themers and the services users. Why not try to please both?

This is ridiculous. Time to sell… enough said.

What is MLB?



I have my media files (mostly mkv) on my WD My Book Essential external USB drive and while playing a media file the playback suddenly stops/freezes. It happens very randomly 3 or 4 times during a normal movie. My possibilites are to press “Stop” on the remote and resume the movie, or wait until movie restarts playing. When the movie stops playing the HD indicator on the “My Book” stops flashing. It seems to be a FW problem, because with latest happens more frequently.

Only happens with external HDD, never with internal.

Anyone with same problem?

@ foetus

MLB- Major League Baseball, so if you are a fan of this sport I suppose it is a _‘Special Release’…_providing WD have in fact fixed the problems as reported. 

As I reside in the UK , I am NOT a fan of baseball and therefore NOT enthused by such a ‘special release’ , however maybe this will set a precendent for further ‘special releases’ to fix long standing issues?

Then again maybe not… as others have pointed out… these ‘commercial add-ons’ seem to have a priority over real users’ / themers’ problems.

WD WD- (WELL DONE WD!) :stuck_out_tongue:


Just updated mine. Everything is blurred now. Rebooted and reset and it is still **bleep**. Can’t  use it at all since the reset as the screen cuts in and out.

Is there a way of rolling back to 3.03.13


Before hitting the “Panic Button” did you check the Video Output Settings on the Hub ?

Updating Firmware can “Reset” your Settings back to Default Settings.

“Blurry”  almost sounds like “Composite Video” Output…

Check your settings…

Yep, absolutely NO WAY I’m updating this one…  How 'bout a “special release” that fixes the movie thumbnails not showing up

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You know, the ONLY reason that I’m NOT dumping this box right now…Black Mamba. I would be willing to bet there is at least one other person holding on because of a THEME. Catch the boat WD and fix the stuff the people that keep this piece of junk afloat need fixed. Oh and how about the SAOD? (Spinning Arrow of Death) I have to stay with a lesser version of FW than 3 to keep it away.


architectonic wrote:

@ foetus


MLB- Major League Baseball, so if you are a fan of this sport I suppose it is a ‘Special Release’…

Sorry Archie, I guess my irony was not obvious :slight_smile:
No matter how much this release is “special”, its still says new firmware on wd menu :slight_smile:

I guess rest of us creeps and weirdoes cannot really appreciate special updates,
but I wish I was special…

Also this proves that apps thingy should be additional feature, addons, and instead releasing new firmware, release addons update

foetus wrote:

… that apps thingy should be additional feature, addons, and instead releasing new firmware, release addons update

They seem to be heading that direction slowly.

Some apps (or parts of apps) are actually downloaded from the 'net when launched.  So the service provider can make changes outside of actual WDTV firmware changes.

Examples:  The PlayJams, NetFlix, etc.

… but if the issue is inside the API, then that, of course, would require a firmware change.

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