Special Micro-USB cable?


New to the forum.  I purchased a WD portable passport external harddrive over the holidays.  I notice the WD usb cable that came with the unit was a bit short, so I bought an longer micro-usb cable.  But it’s simply just not working!

I tried this with the data cable (also micro usb) for my android phone / black berry, which works perfectly fine on the phones.  But it does not work with my WD HD.  When plugged in with the WD HD, the light is on but my computer doesn’t register any new harddrives.

Is there some thing special about the WD Micro USB.

I’m ocnfused… any help would be appreciated.:confounded:

WD does not recommend using a cable longer that the one supplied. These drives are very sensitive to power and a lot of PCs have barely adequet power supplies. Also don’t connect to a hub.