Special Boot Failure

This is probably the most unexpected thing I would ever expect, nothing tops it.

After about 11 months usage of my WD Blue 1TB, It has come to my attention that most of the time, my PC will not boot. I would be led to believe it is HDD based, because of some odd reason. I cannot be certain, for when it chooses not to boot, the only knowledge I have is keyboard and mouse do not light up. My monitor is also based off of the input of these 2 so it is impossible to determine if it actually does boot. It does work from sleep mode though, and has had no problems when it is actually on.

Notes: Speks | GTX 1050 TI Asus ROG model | Ryzen 3 1300x | Corsair TX450M | generic case | and all other thingies work.

POWER: positive
FANS: positive
keyboard: negative
mouse: negative
monitor: sleep
NOTHING special happens when it boots normally, and it’s not slow either, its normal speed

You should connect WD Blue Internal hard drive with computer and run Complete Drive Test using Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool to check the health of the drive.