Spare 3TB HDD for "rotation" in a 6TB Mybook Duo?


I’ve got a 6TB My Book Duo set up as a Raid 1, so the two 3TB drives mirror each other.

I’m extremely new to networking and cloud storage, so please be patient if I’m asking a really stupid question.

Since the drive automatically rebuilds a new drive in the case of a problem, it seems the simplest way to keep a “back-up” of the drive is to periodically swap out one of the drives and have the system rebuild the new drive to mirror the “older” drive.

Will this work and if so, where do I purchase the spare drive to have a third drive in rotation?



This is not recommended. The “spare” drive would need to be erased and re-synchronized on each rebuild attempt; stressing the integrity of the entire volume.

Waste of time. You are over-thinking it. Get a USB drive and back up your data to that periodically.