Space Available issue

I have a MyBook 2T , recently the ‘Space Available’ size went from 1.37T to 809G. without me installing anything of that size.

Sounds similar to another fellow’squestioning if he is backing-up backed up stuff.

I am installing data from DVD’'s, to the MyBook, not my laptop, unless ‘condensing’ needs be done.

In this situation I am a total ■■■■■… and have been unable to find HOW to clear this up.

Where do I go?

What do I do?

Step by step please.

Alan WH

Check if Time Machine is backing up data to this drive

check if Smartware is installed and backing up data

if you recently removed some files you will need to clean the trash can as well for available space to show

Sorry for response - passwords can be unbelieveable !! one had 5 digital numbers

The Time Machne has NEVER been used, but good reminder.

Will double check the other items

Interesting, the space available returned to 1.37T two days after my  request.

So… at this point I will ‘relax’ about this.  but will keep your suggestions.