Source selection

Not sure if this is working as intended, however it is getting on my nerves; So basically I have selected ‘Internal Storage’ as my source - there is only the default “WDTVLiveHub” partition currently available. I really hate having to always select that partition whenever I go to access anything from the menu. Menu > wdtvlivehub > Movies / Tv Shows… etc.

There any way to bypass having to do this and just go to a certain location on the disk when I enter into videos?

Short answer no, well for WDTVLive Hub anyway.

You can select all in the filter settings, but if like me you have avis of TV shows as well as bluray rips of tv shows, movies, you get the full lot thrown in a messed up mix.

I have a solution of sorts, well it works for me, I only put TV shows on the internal hub, so when I select TV Shows in the filters, it shows me only these in a folder arrangement, I just wish they had “Not TV Shows”, so I could have the opposite.

Strangely you can with network share now, as you can select a folder to share in “My media”. And just the folder will show.