Source files are not showing up

I have two computers linked. I work on one and on the other one I store ALL my data. I now have a My Passport and I want to back up my data onto the Passport BUT my storage drive is not showing up when I want to “add Backup Plan” . . . what now?


Not clear. I assume you want to back up the storage PC. Is your WD Drive connected to the storage PC?
What drive is shown on Backup before you go to “Add Backup Plan”? That is the drive that will show when you open.
Is the WD drive listed in File Explorer? If not, it won’t show up in WD Backup. Are you connected to a USB hub? That is not reliable.
More information please.


Hi Clifford,

Thanks for trying to help…… Let me try to explain my setup:

I’m working on a desktop and I save ALL my data on a hard drive in a second computer that is “networked” with my primary desktop.

So, when I open a file, (for argument’s sake) I click on the shortcut on my primary computer’s desktop to that hard drive (it happens to be F:>)

NOW: I would like to transfer all the data on my F drive to MyPassport. Once I’ve done that, should I still have a Cloud backup?

My reasoning for wanting to transfer the data from the second computer …… that pc is really old and anything could happen to it anytime…. BUT the hard drive in it is pretty good and big - so I have plenty of space on that hard drive. I’m connected to the old (secondary) pc via internet - so, if I loose my internet connection, I’m in trouble.

My problem:

When I try to set-up MyPassport for an automatic back of the F drive to MyPassport …. the F drive doesn’t show up on “select files to back up from” ……

Do I make any sense at all?

Hope you can help.

(ps> I’m not too sure how to do it)

Have a joyful day,

Maryna :****)


What software are you using on the secondary computer? WD Smartware or WD Backup?
I might be able to help with WD Backup, but not WD Smartware.

If you do not have WD BAckup and you have Windows 7 or Windows 10, on the secondary, select Downloads at the top of the web page, not email. Find your Passport model and download WD Backup software.

Now does the F drive show up in WD BAckup? If so, you should be able to select F and set up all the files to be copied.

If id does not show up, how about in the Windows Explorer? If not there, check the Knowledge Base for help.



I’m sorry I take such a long time to respond … L

In the meantime, somebody suggested I just connect the Passport to my old computer (secondary computer) and copy the files. Which makes sense. Then I will connect the Passport to my primary computer and make start making auto backups…. Actually, I’m going to work off of the Passport.

BUT NOW . . . When I connect to Passport to my old computer (Windows XP) the Passport doesn’t show up L Although when I connected at first it did ask me to download the software……

Do you have a solution to this?

I appreciate your time,

Maryna J