Sound works sometimes and sometimes not after upgrading

I swithed to the enw firmware 1.06.15 a fwe weeks ago and could not get my media shares to work. i downgraded to the last firmware then upgraded to 1.06.15 again and this time the media shares worked. However, we started having problems with no sound sometimes. We would try to stream an MKV and get no sound so we would switch inputs on our Tv then back to the WD and it would work. Sometimes that edoesn’t work though. lst night I tried unplugging it after the switching thing didn’t work and that worked. Today that didn’t work, but the switching thing did.

I have the WD set to stereo and we are watcing through a samsung LN46C630…

I tried switchting back to firmware 1.3.49 and the soun d rpobablem is still there.

Any thoughts?

Other than avoiding the update, I’d call WD just to check if the media player is OK.